Due to circumstances; Spocus Records is 'on hold'. We are working out where to go with this label and see if any future releases will appear.



Spocus Records is a small independent record label founded in Ghent, Belgium in 2010 by Waso De Cauter and his two colleagues from Hokus vzw; Robbe Kieckens and Jonas De Roover.


It brings acoustic, organic music - free of boundaries set by style or genre and strives to give the artists/producer complete creative freedom so that the music you hear will be as they experience it.

Doing so Spocus Records hopes that you will feel closer to what the artists want to express.


This label also believes that an album is more than just a cd with recorded music. The presentation of an album has to be a reflection of the personality of the artist(s) and also reflect the character of and the ideas behind the music. Therefore every graphic design is done with personality and patience...

The graphics for the label are mainly the works of Waso De Cauter.


To keep the organic touch every album is produced as a high quality digi-pack. The label also makes sure that the albums are made in the EU because money matters (such as profit, outsourcing... ) will not deviate Spocus Records from trying to produce an artistic yet still honest product.



Spocus Records thanks you for your support.